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Skipping Rope Set

Sale price$9 Regular price$15
  • Adjustable rope length (max length 300cm)
  • Fast Spinning - No Friction - No Tangling
  • Set includes:
    • Speed rope
    • High speed wire cable
    • 2x cable protectors
    • Weight blocks
    • Travel pouch

Our Skipping Rope Set is the perfect way to elevate your workouts and achieve your fitness goals! Our skipping rope set features an adjustable rope length of up to 300cm, ensuring a comfortable fit for individuals of all sizes.

The rope is designed for fast spinning with no friction or tangling, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted workout. Our set includes a speed rope, a high-speed wire cable, two cable protectors, weight blocks, and a convenient travel pouch for easy portability.

Skipping Rope Set
Skipping Rope Set Sale price$9 Regular price$15